Cimarron Cinema celebrates fifth year


Celebrating five years in the mobile cinema business, Cimarron Cinema is up and running with the easing of the coronavirus restrictions in Oklahoma.

A family operation run by Jonathan Tinnie and his wife Sarah, with the help of Jonathan’s parents Etha and Paul Tinnie, Cimarron Cinema offers mobile, inflatable cinematic screen, projector and sound system rental for public events, private events and family gatherings and parties.

Etha Tinnie, who has coowned and operated Golden Reflections and DJ Express Productions, LLC, for more than 30 years, said her son Jonathan wanted at first to get into the inflatable rental business, then settled on inflatable mobile cinema.

Etha said that the mobile cinema business has been hit and miss since the COVID-19 outbreak, but added that lifted restrictions makes it the perfect thing for private and family gatherings.

Etha and Jonathan are both graduates of Cushing High School. Etha graduated in 1971 and Jonathan graduated in 1993. Dad Paul graduated in 1971 and Jonathan’s wife, Sarah, is a graduate of Barnsdall High School.

Etha said that the DJ business is still going strong and the cinema business has been signed completely over to Jonathan and Sarah.

She said it’s more difficult to book public events because sponsors are needed to help pay for licensing rights for the movies. But with birthdays and private events, royalties are not required.

Etha said that Cimarron Cinema is offering five-year anniversary special prices now through September.

Call (918) 906-7593 for more information.