Firm hired to perform repairs on Cushing Lake

  • Firm hired to perform repairs on Cushing Lake
    Firm hired to perform repairs on Cushing Lake

Bids were opened last month for the repair of the earthen dam at Cushing Lake and the Cushing City Commission voted last Monday in their regular meeting to award the $88,238 contract to North Central Construction Company of Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Engineers with Gose and Associates, who are consulting with the city on the Cushing Lake dam estimated the cost of the project to be around $81,875

City manager Terry Brannon said that five companies submitted bids on the project, with the highest bid being $155,519.65.

He said that no local firms submitted bids, even though a number of contractors from the area attended the mandatory pre-bid meeting hosted at the lake.

According to Brannon, a permit to perform the repairs has already been issued by the Oklahoma Water Resources Board.

The work is being done to mitigate sloughing of the earthen material on the north slope of the dam.

Brannon said the city is consulting with engineers to determine what needs to be done to begin repairs to the spillway, which failed last year and drained the lake.