Destination Downtown

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Thank You Cushing – you have now named the downtown area to be the Broadway District!

Another step forward where we all can plan to showcase our dedication and community pride. All of us can market our branded area (which does include a large area in the central downtown district) to investors and developers who can see we have a unified, themed area in our community. We will find ways to use the name as a logo for activities, events, or specials within a business and pull from the name to improve and add to the area.

Placemaking is the terminology that has been used by many studies, meaning to make better use of public places like our sidewalks, intersections, empty lots. Let us begin with our great wide sidewalks, keep them maintained, businesses can extend with seating, decorative signs, more potted plants, keep everything attractive – not just cluttered. Individuals might want to help a business with donations. Let us make each block more ‘walkable’. Let us work together to make our Broadway District more attractive. Yes, as has been stated, the downtown belongs to the whole community and Downtown Cushing Revitalization Association so appreciates the working relationship we have with the City of Cushing and the City Commissioners , the Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Developer, and this entire community – together we can make things happen for the betterment of Cushing.

So, have you heard we are going to put a piano somewhere on the sidewalk downtown? Well Valerie Branyan had a friend, Ashley McDonald, that wanted to get rid of an old piano, so Valerie got in touch with DCRA and we said “Hey, we know of cities that have done this, let’s give it a try”. The first challenge was to get it moved and Rep. John Talley came to the rescue with several CHS football players. You surely saw their pictures in the Citizen Weekender. Now we have decided to paint it. Yes, it will be a fun surprise. When you see it, stop to admire this piano and play us a tune. Hopefully, someone will be near to video.

That Debbie Moody at Mila’s is always busy doing something. Well sometimes ‘directing’ all those talented beauticians, pedicurist and manicurist in the back of the shop where Lauri’s Tips & Toes is located. That is all such a great family-oriented business! But mostly Debbie is doing alterations for so many people in this community. She does stop occasionally to make a few masks and they sell out fast.

Beasley and company – the Godofredo’s Pizzeria is coming right along and looking so good!! Nice to see your crew repoint the brick in the unique architecture on the top front of that building. Thank you for also preserving some of the mid-century architecture in downtown.

We can tell you about another new business!! DiG LyFE Vapor Company is located at 110 S. Cleveland. Stop in and meet Tera Schooley. She and family are here from Bartlesville where she also had a Vapor Company. She certainly seems informed about her products. So glad you chose Cushing and welcome to the Broadway District!!