Dear editor,

I’ve been thinking lately about just who would be best described as being a “Hero”.

Well, I’ll tell you who, of course, in our current situation, all the men and women who serve and protect, the fire, police, all the medical workers, doctors and nurses, lab technicians.

I stopped to think about all the people we don’t see doing work, the ones who are lower on totem pole so to speak, there’s the men and women who push a mop and broom, thank you for keeping me safe from possibly getting COVID-19 from an unwashed surface, you clean up the messes we leave behind after work, or from visiting places we go to, you are a “Hero”.

There are hundreds of people we never see that do their best to keep us safe and sound. Thank you.

Most importantly, I can’t thank you enough, to the person that just passed by me, in the grocery store — thank you for wearing a mask!

You helped to lower my chances of getting this horrid disease. It says “You don’t want to be the one” who made me, your family and friends get this horrid disease. You’re saving lives. I think the term, “The buck stops here” is most appropriate.

You’re the first line of defense, can’t you see that?

It’s not about your political agenda, your civil rights are not being,trampled upon, if you think it’s all a hoax, I suggest you go see the,people laying in hospital beds fighting for their lives, because someone did something stupid like not wear a mask. I don’t wish anyone to get this horrific disease, but if you do, stop and think about who you were around that wasn’t wearing a mask!

Stand up and fulfill your obligations as a decent human being and wear that mask. Then you’ll be a “Hero” in my book!

Kathryn Aitken, Cushing