Lions learn many sides of new Commission Chairman,


a.k.a. Mayor

  • Lions learn many sides of new Commission Chairman,
    Lions learn many sides of new Commission Chairman,

I have known B.J Roberson for about as long as I have been in Cushing. That’s because the Roberson family is involved with many facets of our community and we get to meet at many community events. This week's invited guest of the Cushing Lions Club was Cushing's elected Commissioner and Chairman B.J. Roberson. When I invited the Chairman I asked him to speak about his family, his business, and why he wanted to be a commissioner of Cushing. In Cushing, when you are elected to be Chairman you are also dubbed the title as “Mayor.”

B.J. Roberson graduated from Seminole High and attended OU seeking a business degree. It is obvious when talking to the Mayor that he is a family man with four children who is deeply in love with his wife Maria. (he reminded us multiple times during his speech.) Out of college he took a job as a booking agent seeking talented music groups and booking their “Gigs.” He then left to work with his father in construction until the downturn of the economy in 2008 and returned to entertainment once again in OKC. His wife Maria received her degree as a nurse anesthetist and eventually the two decided to move to Cushing so Maria could accept a job at Hillcrest Hospital but soon moved to Stillwater Medical. Mayor Roberson says it is a decision they are happy they made. Giving up his job in Oklahoma City, B.J began a business in Real Estate investment, purchasing, rehabbing, and then renting out multiple homes in Cushing.

That is his personal life but his speech turned to city government and why he ran for the position. It was more of a push from a friend that got him started but after filling a 6 month position on the board, he ran unopposed for reelection to fill a three year position. With the former Chairman leaving this past year, B.J was voted as Chairman from his peers. Mayor Roberson loves the Lord and is a member of First United Methodist Church. He mentioned when mulling over an important decision that will affect the city he is aware that there will be those in support and those that will be disappointed with his vote but he always uses a mental checklist that he also has written at home that includes his faith, his heart, and his education for decision. He was asked if he will stand against others on the board if he feels strong on an agenda item instead of just following the other commissioners? Mayor Roberson said he will stick to his guns and be his own man if he truly feels it’s in the city's best interest.

In closing I will say that listening to our Chairman, he is genuine, educated, and we should plan to see continued great things happening in our city.