Too much time on our hands


I had an epiphany today. Not an earth shattering epiphany but one of those thoughts that make you smack your forehead and say “Oh My Gosh”. Or as the kids today say, “OMG”.

Let’s get this out of the way first...As a society acronyms have become a way of life because people are to lazy to say the whole phrase i.e. OMG.

Ok, so back to my epiphany.

I have heard that the civil unrest in the United States today can be attributed to many things. Politics seems to be the biggest fall guy. People my age and older shake their heads and say, “what the heck?”. We say that with no disrespect intended. What happened in Minneapolis, Minnesota was appalling.

I have not talked to a single person who feels like what happened was justified. No matter the race or profession everyone I have talked to thinks it’s wrong. Was it enough to spark the separation of Americans we see going on today? Was it enough to take this as far as it has gone?

No. It wasn’t. It was murder. Plain and simple. No matter what football team you support, ice cream bar you eat, restaurant you support; it was murder. The officer needs to be tried in a court of law, convicted and sent to prison.

In my experience and opinion once he reaches the prison stage he will be retried by the other inmates and his own chance for survival is slim to none.

So what is it that brought us to the point where we want to erase history? That is what is happening. We are systematically changing history one name, one monument, one thing at a time.

What’s next? New Mexico wasn’t named because of racism. It was named because it was the newer part of an existing country. Mexico. Get it? New Mexico was a newer part of Mexico. The same with a region called New England, or a state named New Hampshire.

Will the state of Oklahoma have to change its name? Ask the Choctaw people. It is the combination of two of their words. Almost every town in the state of Oklahoma is derived from a Native American word. Do we change each of those?

Again, I ask myself and others how far are we going to take this, and why are we so focused on this? And why is it happening? Which brings us full circle to my epiphany over a cup of coffee this morning.

I believe the answer is boredom brought on by Covid-19. At what other time since the industrial revolution have Americans had this much time on their hands?

You can only play so many video games, binge watch so much tv or deep clean your house before you look for another outlet. Americans now have time on their hands they have never had in modern history.

The solution as I see it is instead of being destructive become instructive. Teach me. Teach me about your choices. Teach me about your religion. Teach me about your political beliefs.

Change how much I know and I will be more inclined to support you.